Interview: Richard Craig

First published in The Herald on 16 October, 2013 “It’s hard to pin me down,” says Richard Craig. He’s talking about the prosaic matter of his postal address, but the sentiment could equally apply to his art. Craig is a flute player, a composer, an improviser, an inventor, a teacher. He plays with top-end contemporary […]

Stockhausen syndrome: men-turned-myths in classical music

First published in the Guardian on 21 May, 2019 Surely we’ve learned by now: things get dangerous when we make myths out of men. This week, the Southbank Centre presents a huge opera by Karlheinz Stockhausen – self-mythologiser extraordinaire who had entrancing charisma, bullish intelligence, no shortage of game-changing opinions, no shortage of confidence with which […]

Preview: Plug 2016

First published in The Herald on 3 May, 2016 A young man stands on a bleak Glasgow tenement street and begins to moan. The moan rises to a cry, which rises to a scream, which rises to an amassed holler from a chorus of blindfolded singers. This is the audacious opening image of Ūhte: a […]

Interview: Harry Fehr on Ariodante

FIrst published in The Herald on 12 February, 2016 Ariodante is dark Handel. Broadly speaking it’s an opera about love and jealousy based on the same text that inspired Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing: cue mistaken identities, costume swaps, general sneaking about in gardens spying on the wrong people in the wrong bedroom windows. […]

House concerts in Edinburgh: when a house is not a home

First published in The Herald in December, 2012 Around the turn of the millennium, an Edinburgh photographer bought the old Co-op grocery on Royal Park Terrace and set about converting it into a home. The conversion was stylish and roomy, cleverly laid out over two floors with metal staircases and double-height ceilings. The basement was […]

Review: Sally Beamish’s Flodden

First published in the Guardian on 14 September, 2013 SCO/Swensen Town House, Hamilton On 9 September 1513, the armies of Scotland and England fought at Flodden Field in Northumberland and between them racked up the heaviest single-battle deathtoll of British troops until the Somme. To mark 500 years since the Battle of Flodden, the Scottish […]