Kate Molleson

Photo by Siddharth Khajuria

Kate Molleson is a music journalist for The Guardian and The Herald and a presenter for BBC Radio 3. She makes radio documentaries (BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service) and contributes to magazines including Opera and Gramophone. She was commissioning editor of Dear Green Sounds, a history of Glasgow’s music venues commissioned by UNESCO and published by Waverley Books in April 2015.

She grew up in various parts of Scotland and the far north of Canada and studied at the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales, McGill University in Montreal and King’s College, London, where she researched early experimental radio and the operas of Ezra Pound.

She was a copy editor, music critic and cycling columnist for the Montreal Gazette and deputy editor of Opera magazine before moving home to Scotland as the Guardian’s music critic in 2010. She’s keen on bicycles and mountains. She lives in Glasgow.

Twitter: @KateMolleson