Behind the scenes in Edinburgh part 4

Most Munro-baggers summit their last peak at 40, maybe 50; Edinburgh conductor Garry Walker finished off the set when he was just 32. Needless to say he is devilishly sporty, but thankfully he slowed his pace a little as we headed up Arthur’s Seat with the camera team. Garry says he loves the mountains because they make him feel small and they put things in perspective. He often listens to music while he walks and will forever associate certain landscapes with certain pieces (so be careful what you listen to where, he warns!). We found a perch on the Crags with a view of Edinburgh, Fife and the Pentland Hills stretching out behind us, and we talked about home, landscape, family – and fireworks. Garry regularly conducts the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for the festival’s closing Fireworks Concert. (He says he has a face for it, though I’m not sure that quite does him justice.) He’s been going to see the fireworks since he was old enough and says that as an Edinburgh lad he loves the spirit of the thing. “It’s a chance to reach an audience of hundreds of thousands,” he says. “Plus it is bloody loud.”